ISANet Newsletter Monday 8 July 2014 – Quick heads-up for Saturday 12 July

July 7, 2014 at 9:26 pm (Uncategorized)

Google Apps – The Story Continues

9.30 am to 3.30 pm
For the very first time, Google have created an App specifically for the education market: Google Classroom. This is a really significant development and is looks set to be really useful organisational tool for teachers. We are giving you the chance to come and have a look at the inner working of the greta new App. As well as looking at this we are offering more:

Mind the GApps – The morning will be a fast paced taster of Google Apps in two groups,.One group for beginners and one more advanced users.

The beginners group will cover the basics of all tools and will have all the skills they need to be able to go back to school and start to add Google Apps into their curriculum for September.
The higher level course will look at some of the higher order functions of Google Apps and those parts of the Admin panel that a teacher may need to know about and will gain a lot of useful insight into news ways to use Google Apps to improve learning and teaching.

The afternoon will be a series of tasterscovering:

Google Classroom – a brand new organisational tool that has the potential to make the setting, collecting and markign of assignment and homeowork much simpler.

Coding in the Cloud – a look at all the coding tools available to schools that are could based. It will include sites such as Codecademy, W3Schools and some of the Editey tools. We will relate the use of these tools to the new Programme of Study for Computing.

Play for Education – Not yet launched yet in the UK, we will look at what is being said about it from the US and then give all delegates a taster of some of the apps that might be deployed through Play for Education once it is launched this side of the pond.

The day is delivered by Google certified teachers and trainers and is going to be fantastically useful way to catch up with all things Cloud, giving you time to get ready for September. A fantastic way to finish off the term.

Last minute booking is through this SMORE form…


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