In Praise of the Technician…get one now

January 24, 2010 at 3:49 pm (Uncategorized)

After my Wiki Wiki blog post it was (rather pointedly) suggested by our ICT technician that I had completely failed to acknowledge her efforts in this little project. This is sadly true. She not only inputted all the email addresses so the kids could be invited to join but also quickly taught herself how to work the thing so she could support them in the lesson. She was also very active during the lesson sorting out a work around for a broken link issue on one of the servers which meant a few of the pupils could not verify their new account (as well as making a note to fix the issue later)…Sorry, I don’t take you for granted.

The issue is far wider than this though…..what would have happened last year when there was no technician?…Not this lesson that’s for sure.

For years, our small school has laboured under the delusion that we could get away without employing someone for basic ICT help. From this year’s perspective, that seems incredibly naive. The jobs needed doing so I had to do them (eventually) and when it really hit the fan, all my teaching stopped, or I spent my time fire fighting and patching the system up.

I am far better at teaching than I am a sorting out ICT issues. I enjoy Teaching yr 10 more than rebooting another stroppy fat client and I’m paid far more than would be reasonable for the installation of a new printer. I rush things, don’t have time to follow through and forget what I did.

Allowing the ICT teacher/Coordinator time to do the basic system management tasks in a small school is a false economy. Let them teach. More than that, let them stand back and look strategically at the situation and start to direct the efforts and resources of the school towards better teaching and learning.

Get a technician.

She makes better coffee than me as well.

Paul Cross


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