A Brave ISANew World

January 24, 2010 at 3:44 pm (Headlines)

One of the most inspiring activities I have engaged with in my professional career has been this engagement with social networking.  To date, I have tried to find a better way of describing this research, but in truth, the users have it – these social tools are part of the web 2.0 revolution and the name has stuck.  For good or ill, whether it be Facebook, eBay, Twitter or generic blogging, social networking software is here to stay!

Now the private side of ISA social networking is our ISANet Ning network, and it needs to be a private garden to assist newcomers to this activity gain their feet. Applicants apply to jtw@clairescourt.com for access, and providing all is well, ‘Ning’s your butler’ and they are being served straight away.

The trouble is of course that those not totally engaged with this private garden don’t and won’t get to read all the good stuff being published there. From Ian Nairn (the founder), Andrew Hampton, Chris Rowan, Rupert Fowke and Paul Cross to name but Five, those ISA friends deserve a wider audience.  And for those within ISA who would like to engage in this vanity publishing, seeing the ISANet Blog writ large and in public might just encourage a little extra activity.

So the way in to our public wordpress blog is through the ISANet Ning private network, but what follows below are January 2010’s best bits, and here’s hoping this activity continues and gathers pace.

James Wilding


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